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Our Clients include US Treasury, Unilever, Sony and many more


1) Tecfacs evaluation of PC Y2000 fixes

Millennium Bug Toolkit came top with a maximum score of 19/19. From all products tested, Tecfacs recommends our product:

"The Millennium Bug Toolkit performs the most tests of any of the software packages tested. The software is simple to use and comes with a straightforward menu system. The software comes with a comprehensive instruction manual and a booklet which makes recommendations on the best solution for your PC from the results of the tests."

2) Solace Consultancy's Millennium Test/Audit Software Analysis

Tests: 10 tests carried out. All produced accurate results"
Overall use: "Very simple to use with good screen information"
Software protection:: "Screen warning and detailed warnings in instruction manual, because of re-boot function unable to run other software" concurrently"

3) Robert P. Halpern, Ph.D. of Pleion Systems

"The Millennium Bug Toolkit by Computer Experts (UK) Ltd. is a terrific piece of programming and the best solution I've seen to one of the biggest testing jobs we've ever faced ... the first tester software I've seen that treats the problem in a manner I would accept if I were the CIO making the decision"


"We are using this product to test and fix over 7000 PCs for a major international company. It is very easy to use. The Millennium Bug Toolkit gives total assurance to our corporate customers."
Graham Sharp
Able Group Ltd (IT Asset Management Services)
+44 1442 26400

"We are pleased to be able to offer this first-class product as part of our millennium service to major clients. The excellent reviews and our own testing give us complete confidence in the toolkit's testing and fixing capabilities."
Robert Gareb
Uniwell (Australia) Ltd.
+61 2 9365 3092
"After doing much research on Y2k solution products, I found the MBTK to be the most complete year 2000 solution on the market."
LG International Corp.


"I chose the Computer Experts Toolkit because it seemed the most reliable on the market. The web site information and the manual were very comprehensive and after using it I am now convinced my PC is totally Millennium Compliant."
Paul Oakley, UK

"Thanks a lot. Everyone else was telling me to scrap my 386. Now I can use the money on updating my software."
Jay Cannings, UK


  • THE FIRST millennium tester in the world to include `power-down' tests. Now recognised as essential testing.
  • THE FIRST millennium tester in the world to offer a `no-fix, no-fee guarantee'.


MILLENNIUM BUG TOOLKIT: Setting the standard for others to follow