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The Millennium Bug is the single biggest issue in global computing today.

Banks, Insurers and major suppliers will be asking your company to prove compliance. We are the only company that offers BSI PD 2000-1 certification.

The following provides an overview of the problems associated with the Millennium Bug, for an indepth look at the causes, visit our technical information page.

The Problem
It was widely assumed that computers which successfully 'roll-over' to the year 2000 would have no problems in the millennium, provided they use 'millennium-compatible' software. Computer Experts are now warning that many machines will automatically revert to pre-millennium dates when they are switched off and on again - causing date-dependant calculations to go haywire.

Why It Matters
Software producers are feverishly upgrading their products to make them millennium-compatible, but this is also a hardware problem. Installing the new software will not solve the problem alone if the computer hardware is not millennium-compatible too - and a disturbingly high proportion of PCs are not.
On unmodified machines, people will be lulled into a false sense of security when they watch their PC change from 31/12/1999 to 1/1/2000. Unfortunately, tests are showing that a very high proportion of PCs will revert to various dates (usually 1980) once re-booted in the millennium. And this is only one of the problems which Computer Experts are highlighting with their new software.
The implications are horrific. The problem might go undetected for a long time, because the systems will look as if they are working properly, and people will naturally assume that the precautions they took would be permanent. Many of the problems which the new software ought to solve will return, and calculations for such things as interest charges, expiry dates, penalty clauses, appointment letters and follow up action will be thrown into chaos.
In worst cases, valuable and irreplaceable data could be lost in systems which have date-sensitive procedures to delete files which do not appear to have been used for long periods.

The Solution
Every PC which has not been declared to be "Millennium-Compliant" must be tested. Because of the wide variety of chips used in computers of even the same make and model, each machine needs testing individually. What we believe to be the most comprehensive tester for this purpose has been launched - with British expertise leading the field in this important area of computer science. Visit our products section to understand why The Millenium Bug Toolkit is the most complete solution available for corporate networks or stand alone PC's.